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Swedish "Drag Story Hour"-star Promotes Sick Pornography for Children

When you thought "Drag Story Hour" for children couldn't get worse, one of the leading "stars" of the movement promotes pornography to his minor followers on Instagram. And, of course, the whole establishment backs him up.
Swedish "Drag Story Hour"-star Promotes Sick Pornography for Children

The Drag Story Hour movement has been widely discussed in right-wing and conservative circles in the last few years. Liberals and ofter leftists are fighting hard to promote the phenomenon of sexually provoking men in women's clothes, reading stories (not seldom with LGBT themes) to small children in publicly financed libraries.

One of Sweden's "story readers" is a man who calls himself "Miss Shameless Whinewhore". Usually, that would be enough of a red flag to keep him away from your children, but Swedish public libraries find it a great idea to put small children in the lap of the self-acclaimed whinewhore.

On his Instagram account, @shameless_winehore (now in private mode), he promotes different weird stuff to his young audience that he's recruited at the library. One of the things he's recommending for children is an "Erotic Colouring Book". Do you remember colouring books from your childhood? I guess they were filled with animals and stuff, and not with hardcore pornography like this one.

One of the pictures in the colouring book features a grown man masturbating while licking a doll, clearly flirting with child pornography.

A censored version of one of the pictures in the colouring book the drag queen is promoting to children.

Naturally, many people got upset with this, and there were calls from the public to shut down Drag Story Hour in the libraries. Some allegedly went so far as to threaten the libraries, who answered by hiring guards outside for taxpayers' money to put outside the library.

The left-wing media and LGBT organizations quickly defended the drag queens and the pornography they promote. Swedish gay icon Jonas Gardell called Miss Shameless Whinewhore a "great integration project" to teach immigrants about homosexuality.

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The promotion of the erotic colouring book was first noticed by conservative commentator Mira Aksoy, who published it on Twitter and later on Samnytt.se. The author of the colouring book, Magnus Frederiksen, responded by repainting the image and swapping the molested doll with Aksoys' face.

The updated image. Speech bubbles say, "I took the freedom to update the motive a bit," and "Do you like it?". 

Do you think any feminists came out in defence of Mira Aksoy when this happened? Of course not; instead, they cheered the pornographer on and joined in on the insults calling Aksoy a "racist" and "transphobe".

The modern world is a fallen world, clearly in the hands of evil. For any sane person, it's impossible to understand why children shall be sent to fetish pornography promoting drag queens for a "story hour", but it's happening more or less every day.

And the Swedish workers are paying and voting for it.

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