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German Police Raided Right Wing Publishing House

German police raided the right-wing publishing house "Ahnenrad" and beat up Dr Pierre Krebs. Welcome to European democracy 2022.
German Police Raided Right Wing Publishing House

At the beginning of November, German police raided three locations connected to the publishing house Ahnenrad. Allegedly the raid was to "secure evidence" regarding the banned book "Was tun? Ein Vademecum der Reconquista" by Dr Pierre Krebs.

Dr Krebs's home was one of the raided ones, and during the raid, he was beaten so severely by the police that he fractured one rib and injured several more.

As a result of the raid, the police seized all of the publishing house's working equipment, including two MacBooks and two mobile phones.

Ahnenrad doesn't believe they will get their equipment back very soon, as the computers seized by the police in the last raid in 2017 still haven't been returned.

Banned books, police are beating up intellectuals and raiding homes and offices of publishing houses. This is the reality in the German Federal Republic in the 21st century. But do you see an outcry about it in western mainstream media? Of course not.

Now imagine the same thing happening in Poland or Hungary, and ask yourself what the reaction would have been. But when it's a part of daily life in "the financial motor of the European Union", we're not supposed to hear about it.

📖 Read more about the raid and the assault on Dr Krebs on the homepage of Ahnenrad.

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