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Is OpenAI and ChatGPT anti-white?

I tried the new ChatGPT from OpenAI and asked it to tell me about how life is for a white person in a black neighbourhood, and then I asked the same question with reversed roles. Is ChatGPT racially biased and anti-white?
Is OpenAI and ChatGPT anti-white?

The latest online trend in artificial intelligence is ChatGPT from OpenAI. You write a question or a prompt, and the AI write you an answer. It's pretty fascinating and sometimes hilarious. But I wanted to test the system for racial bias.

My first prompt was "Write a short story of a white man trying to survive in a black neighbourhood". This was the result:

The man's name was John, and he had recently moved into a new neighbourhood that was predominantly black. At first, he was nervous about being in the minority, but he quickly realized that the people in the neighbourhood were friendly and welcoming.

Despite his initial fears, John quickly settled into his new surroundings and began to make friends with his neighbours. He enjoyed spending time with them, learning about their culture and way of life.

One day, John was walking home from the grocery store when he was confronted by a group of young men. They were wearing hoodies and had a menacing look on their faces. John's heart began to race as he realized that he was in danger.

But before the men could do anything, one of John's neighbours stepped in and intervened. She spoke to the men in a calm and authoritative voice, and they quickly backed down. John was grateful for her help and realized that he had been wrong to be afraid of the neighbourhood and its people.

From that day on, John became even more integrated into the community. He joined a local basketball league and helped out at community events. He even hosted a barbecue in his backyard, inviting all of his neighbours to join.

Despite the challenges he faced at the beginning, John came to see that his new neighbourhood was a place of warmth and acceptance, and he was happy to call it home.

Isn't that a lovely story of a white man overcoming his prejudice and getting saved by friendly black neighbours? The black neighbourhood was "a place of warmth and acceptance".

Let's reverse the roles

So, what if we reverse the roles? I typed in my prompt: "Write a short story of a black man trying to survive in a white neighbourhood".

As he walked down the empty street, the sounds of his footsteps echoed in the quiet neighbourhood. He could feel the eyes of the white residents on him, watching his every move.

He had moved into this neighbourhood only a few months ago, but it felt like a lifetime. He had always been aware of the racism and prejudice that existed in the world, but he had never experienced it firsthand like this.

He kept his head down, avoiding eye contact with anyone he passed. He knew that even the slightest gesture could be perceived as a threat, and he didn't want to give them any reason to confront him.

He reached the small corner store, relieved to see that it was still open. He quickly grabbed the groceries he needed and headed to the cashier. The cashier barely looked at him as he paid, and he could feel the tension in the air.

As he left the store, he heard a group of white men approaching. He quickened his pace, but they caught up to him and surrounded him.

"What are you doing here?" one of the men sneered. "This is our neighbourhood, not yours."

He could feel his heart racing, but he tried to stay calm. "I live here, just like you," he said, trying to keep his voice steady.

"You don't belong here," another man said, pushing him. "You should leave before things get ugly."

He didn't want to provoke them, so he took a step back and tried to walk away. But they followed him, taunting him and pushing him.

He knew that he couldn't win this fight, so he ran as fast as he could. He could hear them laughing and jeering as he fled, but he didn't stop until he reached his front door.

He locked the door behind him and collapsed on the floor, shaking with fear. He didn't know how much longer he could survive in this neighbourhood, but he knew that he had to find a way to stay strong and keep fighting.

The white neighbourhood doesn't seem to be "a place of warmth and acceptance" but rather a racist and dangerous place. The lovely black man had to run away from the evil whiteys.

So, are OpenAI and ChatGPT racially biased, maybe even anti-white? Well, it sure seems that way.  These are just two examples, but they fit very well into the anti-white narrative of the globalist left.

You can try ChatGPT for yourself at https://chat.openai.com/chat.