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Perpetual War in Ukraine?

The world is not a chessboard, and the actual victims of war are regular people just trying to get on with their lives. The development in Ukraine might lead to a prolonged conflict, with guerilla warfare and without hope for the much-needed repair of Russian-European relations.
Perpetual War in Ukraine?
Photo by Robert Anasch / Unsplash

I woke up to read about another night of fighting, bombing and killing. Another morning filled with propaganda and comments from people who seems to be so sure to know The Truth© and of being geopolitical masterminds.

I'm trying to make sense of everything, but I can't look past the suffering and the real possibility of a prolonged disaster. I see people cheering for Russia, hoping they will "take Kiev", but what would that mean? Even if they do so without bombing it as the Brits did with Dresden in 1945, many Ukrainians don't want to be ruled by Russia, neither a Russian military occupation nor a Russian puppet regime.

Would we see a long time of guerilla warfare? Concentration camps for those who don't comply and who the occupation forces consider security threats?

Of course, we don't know, but it's hard for me to see how millions of Ukrainians who want to (or think they want to, it doesn't matter) "belong to the West" would just give up and get into the line of whatever Russia would dictate.

It's easy just to talk geopolitics and see the world as a chessboard, especially if you're not living in the war-affected areas yourself. But in the end, millions of regular Europeans are suffering - Ukrainians and Russians.

When this war is over, and I hope that is soon, we have a tough challenge ahead of us. The Russian-European relations were terrible to start with, but now they're even worse. The propaganda on both sides is massive —the dehumanizing in full bloom.

Nationalists need to be the voice of reason, the voice for peace and do what we can to continue building bridges between people of European descent. Ukrainians and Russians should never be enemies.

I don't believe the work done by Europa Terra Nostra and other forces has been for nothing, but this is a setback for everyone who wishes for a future of Russian-European cooperation.

Regular people are caught between two multinational, multicultural and multireligious empires in this bloody war. Our focus needs to be on them, and we need a plan to continue the vital task of bringing our continent together when this war ends.