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Swedish Mother and Daughter Harassed By Migrants

The publicly-owned landlord refuses them to swap apartments to move to another area.
Swedish Mother and Daughter Harassed By Migrants

Virginia Lagersson and her 17-year-old daughter are harassed by migrant gangs in their multicultural neighbourhood of Sävja, Uppsala. As soon as they get out of their apartment, they are verbally and sometimes physically attacked by migrants who claim they are "racists".

Being harassed by migrants is sadly something many Swedes live with daily. Those with the financial possibilities flee the areas as soon as possible, but for many Swedes, especially working and lower middle-class Swedes, it's not that easy.

Virginia rents her apartment from the publicly owned i, and thought she had found a solution. A woman on the other side of the city was willing to swap her rental apartment with Virginia, which would mean that she and her daughter would get away from their tyrants and live in a whiter area.

But Uppsalahem didn't want to play ball with the harassed Swedish woman. They claim there is no "good reason" for an apartment swap, even though Virginia and the other woman had an agreement.

She is now forced to stay in the apartment where she and her daughter are afraid to go out.

What do we learn from this? Well, that Uppsalahem doesn't care about the safety of Swedes and that you're always subject to the landlord's goodwill when renting your home. Owning your home is always a better option, but sadly not possible for everyone in today's financial climate.

You could imagine the roles had been reversed: A migrant family was harassed by Swedish youth every time they left their home. Of course, this doesn't happen, but in this hypothetical situation, we would have demonstrations, politicians demanding change, and millions of taxpayers' money poured into "anti-racist" programs.

This time, as almost always, the victims are Swedish. So the silence is deafening.

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