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THR #1: Terrorists, spies and new censorship laws

Three stories that dominated Swedish domestic debate this week.
THR #1: Terrorists, spies and new censorship laws

Welcome to the first-ever edition of The Hyperborean Report (THR). This weekly newsletter aims to summarise the most important news from Sweden and more from the last week with my comments and analyses.

THR will not be a newsletter where I tell you about all the latest crimes in Sweden; I will only report crime news if they're spectacular or of particular interest for some reason. Instead, I will focus on the news I believe can influence the future.

As I'm writing these words, winter has finally arrived in Sweden. Or at least it's knocking on our doors. November has been exceptionally mild, but it has felt like Swedish winter again in the last couple of days. Now I'm just waiting for the snow so I can do a lot of fun winter activities with the kids.

Now let's dig into the good stuff, the reason you're subscribed to this newsletter. In this first edition, I will focus on three stories from Sweden that have dominated the domestic debate the last week.

Top 3 stories from Sweden this week

The trial against alleged terrorist Theodor Engström has ended

Theodor Engström after getting arrested in Visby this summer

33-year-old Theodor Engström has been charged with "terrorism through murder" after brutally stabbing psychiatrist Ing-Marie Wieselgren to death in Visby this summer. Wieselgren was the national coordinator for psychiatric issues in Sweden's Municipalities and Regions, and Engström felt that he had been mistreated and abandoned by the Swedish psychiatric system.

The media and Antifa are trying to pin this murder on the Swedish nationalist scene, as Engström wrote a few articles for the homepage Nordfront many years ago. On the other hand, the state attorney says that the murder was not connected to "right-wing extremism" but resulted from a severe mental disorder.

I intend to write more about this case on hyperboreanthoughts.com in the near future.

New constitution limiting free speech

On the 16th of November 2022, the Swedish parliament (the Riksdag) voted in favour of three changes to the Swedish Basic Laws ("grundlag") to limit free speech.

Read more about this in a separate article on hyperboreanthoughts.com.

Spy scandal unfolding at the highest level

Peyman Kia and Payam Kia

The biggest story in Swedish media last week was arguably the spy scandal at the Swedish secret police and the military intelligence MUST.

Iranian immigrant brothers Peyman Kia and Payam Kia are being charged with espionage. Both migrants have been working with the highest level of security clearance. The older brother Peyman Kia even worked inside the most secret part of the military intelligence KSI (Kontoret för Särskild inhämtning - Office for Special Acquisition).

They are accused of selling top-secret information to Russia and face a possible life sentence, even though they will probably receive a lighter sentence, considering how weak the Swedish juridical system is to criminals.

Interestingly, both Iranians were recruited at a time when the Swedish government focused on creating a more "diverse workforce" inside the secret service. Who could have imagined that non-Swedes wouldn't be loyal to the Swedish state? 🤔

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